Monday, April 26, 2010

Love me.

Love Me or Leave Me.

James Cagney and Doris Day. James Cagney is in furious competition with Jimmy Stewart for my favourite actor of all time. This was a heavy hit on Jimmy with this movie. I didn’t know what to expect and I am not a big Doris Day fan, she always just sings – and she sings in this too, but its not a musical, she is just a singer and Cagney is playing the mobster role which only he can play convincingly.

Cagney is so brilliant in all his movies that I just want to cry every time I think of him. He can be sad, angry, intelligent, intense, kind and happy and you can tell what he’s feeling by just his facial reactions. Even when he plays a villain I like him. It is IMPOSSIBLE to not like James Cagney. His is a treasure in film history that no one will ever be able to touch. It brings me great sadness knowing that I will never be able to meet this man and shake his hand and tell him what a great job he’s doing.

His performance in this film especially deserves applause and a standing ovation of the highest order. What a great film in the amazing resume of James Cagney. He is a true icon and he will never be topped again.

Not only should you buy this film, but you should buy all of his films that I reviewed on this site.

One word of warning – If you buy them and watch them you will be very depressed over the currant lack of any real talent in Hollywood today. You may even be brought to tears at the state of film in general. But the good news is, is that all the classics are available to purchase, so do yourself a favour and go get them.



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