Saturday, May 19, 2012

Total Film's Most Hated Films of all Time # 31 - Sucker Punch

Last year, I ranked Sucker Punch as the best movie I'd seen in 2011. 

So, you know right off the bat, I'm not a supporter of this film being in the "most hated films of all time" category, nor do I think it should be there.  First of all, the movie's a year old, so even if I did not think this movie was great, I would question why a movie that's barely a year old deserves to be on the list of worst movies of all time.  I do think that the quality of movies in general has lessened over the years, but I think it's hard to screw the pooch that badly, that fast.  Especially considering the director of the film is Zack Snyder, who could do not wrong before this film came out. 

If there is angst against this movie and I'm not going to argue that, I read the reviews, I know what's going on out there, then all I have to say is I greatly underestimated the sheer ignorance of the group of sad human beings who call themselves movie critics and I also greatly underestimated the sheer stupidity, arrogance and ignorance of that group of sad human beings who spend their time posting on movie websites sheerly to put their utterly worthless vote behind movies that other people tell them are good instead of formulating an opinion that is uniquely their own.  People didn't like Sucker Punch because they couldn't understand it, they thought it was like a video game and they thought the women's clothes sexualized these young girls. 

Here's my counter-arguments:

1) You didn't understand the movie.  Well, I saw it the first time and I got it.  Babydoll is equating her experiences in the insane asylum to being in a bordello.  It's not that far a stretch as they both have the same principles: in this case, women being tied down to an authoritative masculine figure.  When she fights back by her dancing, she imagines it much like one of the fantasy scenarios in the movie, fighting zombie Nazi's, stealing fire from a dragon, defusing a bomb made by's not that hard to figure out.  Go buy the Director's Cut of the movie, read Wikipedia and do some research before you dismiss the movie for being "stupid" because you couldn't understand it, because trust me my friend, the only stupid one we're talking about here, is you. 

2) It's like a video game.  What isn't these days?  The line between video games and movies have become so blurred.  Take for example Mortal Kombat.  Do you know the latest one, if you type in "Mortal Kombat 9 Story Mode" on Youtube, you know what comes up?  A link that says "MORTAL KOMBAT MOVIE" and showing all the cutscenes bunched together into one two-hour MOVIE.  So, you know what?  You saying it's just like a video game as a negative point shows how ignorant you are of the direction that media is moving in.  Video games are now movies and vice-versa.  You don't like that, fine, I didn't say you had to, but hating on this movie for that point is absolutely absurd. 

3) The girls were oversexualized (with their outfits being mentioned).  Don't watch Manga much, eh?  Guess not, because if you do, you would be appalled.  Just terribly scandalized.  Because EVERY YOUNG FEMALE CHARACTER IS SEXED-UP IN THOSE SHOWS.  Don't go on the web much?  Don't browse around, look at media websites.  I guess not, you're too busy joining that nunnery or something.  The fact is, the girl's costumes are representative not just of a culture (in this case manga and if you're turning your nose up to Manga now, just remember that Japanese Manga is more popular than anything North America has churned out in animation recently, you bigot), but also of their respective roles in the movie.  Nurse, Warrior, Armed Forces, it's all in there.  You just have think about it and maybe do a little reading, instead of having everything explained to you because you're too damned stupid to think for yourself.

So, that's my post on Sucker Punch.  The fact that this movie is included doesn't surprise me, but as you've guessed, it sure as hell has irritated me. 

Worth the hate: Up yours, Total Film and haters of this film.

- Stephenstein  

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