Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Captian America and the Avengers arcade game (1991)

Roll call: Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Vision! This was a 1991 arcade game based on the Avengers comic with Wasp, Quicksilver, Wonder Man and Namor the Submariner making appearances as non-playable characters. Villains included Klaw, Whirlwind, Living Lazer, Wizard, Grim Reaper, the Sentinels from X-Men comics, Mandarin, Juggernaut, Ultron, and Captain America villain Crossbones and of course the Red Skull. Two versions made appearances at arcade centres: a two-player and a 4-player version.

Come to think of it, Marvel enjoyed a lot of success at the arcades with Spider-Man, Punisher and the X-Men all starring in their own side-scrolling beat-em-ups in the early 90's. Captain America and the Avengers was ported to the Genesis 16-bit console where it really shined. I had the Super Nintendo version which was kind of crappy and suffered from bad hit detection. But when I think of the Avengers, I think of the old comics I used to read and I think of this game. Super fun.


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