Monday, December 20, 2010

Top 10 of 2010.

2010 is over. Seems like only yesterday we were celebrating 2001 – looks like nothing Kubrick/Clarke thought would happen, actually happened – but hey, they figured humanity would’ve have evolved more by now. Next up is 2060 I should still be around then, so Ill let you know!

You all know the rules of the top 10? If not, here they are:

1. It has to be a 2010 movie – not one that came out in December 2009 but that I didn’t see till 2010. I had to see in the THEATRE in 2010 – dvds and rentals don’t count.

2. It has to be a 2010 RELEASE – not some foreign movie that came out in Oct 2009 but North America didn’t get it till April 2010.

So if you think something is missing, then it could fall under one of those rules.

Some that would’ve made top 10 but violated the rules were: Resident Evil Afterlife, Saw 7 or Narnia.

I am seeing Narnia in Jan, so even though it was a 2010 movie, I wont count it this year, and I wont count it next year either cause it wont be a 2011 movie. You get the idea.

Anyway, this year was pretty good, some of the movies that didn’t make the top 10 were actually really really good. So all in all not so bad. I have reviewed all of these movies on the blog, so you can find the details there, Ill just give a brief break down – electric boogaloo style.

My Name is Khan.

I am not numbering this film because it really is the best movie of the year as far as what movies should do. It’s about a man on a mission to tell the president of the United States that his name is Khan and he is NOT a terrorist. Referring to the fact that “Khan” is a Muslim name and the prejudice that all Muslims are terrorists. I have some Muslim friends and they are not terrorists. This film is really inspirational and actually very sad at times. So sad that I will probably not be watching this film again anytime soon. I get too worked up over it. It’s similar to a Schindler’s List (which I haven’t seen, but suspect it to be similar). It’s very emotionally overwhelming but I suggest that all who read this blog (both of you!) should see this remarkable movie.

On with the top ten!

10. Book of Eli.

This is a controversial one – some hate it, some love it. I really like it. I got the blu-ray on this and it looks great. I like the story and Denzel is just great as Eli. He has a sacred book (guess which one) and he has to take it west – he’s not sure where he is heading, but he just knows he has to get there. Gary Oldman is after the book – he wants to use it for power, the two men clash in a few great action sequences and you have yourself a good movie with a twist ending thrown in.

9. The American.

Clooney is an assassin who is on assignment in Italy. But someone is after him and it could be anyone. It could be me! It’s not me, but finding out who it is, is exciting. This movie is a bit slow, but I liked the pacing for the simple reason that the suspense was always present. Every day simple sounds would scare you. This had the most jumps in a non-horror movie ever!

8. Wolfman.

This movie is all about atmosphere and characters. This is a great update to the old universal flick about Lawrence Talbot – who after being bit by a werewolf becomes one. I really enjoyed this a lot and actually thought it was equal to the old one and in some ways better! Good job to the film makers!

7. Inception.

Chris Nolan brings us a non-Batman movie and again it’s a hit. I loved Memento – which is his best movie and I like the 2 Batmans, but this was a nice change back to the old Nolan.

Leo has the ability to enter your dreams and mess with you. The idea is usually to steal someone’s thoughts, or ideas, but in this film they have to plant an idea – inception. Excellent story and good cast make this a really exciting movie! Not as smart as everyone seems to suggest, but smarter than 90% of films that are out now, so there you go. It’s a must buy on DVD for Nolan fans, and film fans!

6. Expendables.

Do I even have to explain this one? Dolph Lundgren is so huge he takes up an entire doorway when he enters a room, and bad guys get mowed down with a gun that turns human beings into mush. If you didn’t like this movie, then you must be someone who pees sitting down.

5. Kick-Ass.

Better than the comic, which is even more gritty and sadistic than the film – if you can believe that! Kick-Ass just wants to help people and I like him for it. I believe in what he is doing and it makes the movie much better than you’d think. Hit Girl is a riot and Big Daddy (Nic Cage doing Adam West) is wicked too. This is just a fun –er- Kick Ass movie!

4. Predators.

I loved Predator and I liked Predator 2 even more, and this third film in the series truly delivers. This has great action, awesome characters and the Predators are just sick. This time around a bunch of humans are dropped on the Predators hunting planet and have to survive. It’s like your average survival movie but with Predators! This is a big big step above the AVP films.

3. Scott Pilgrim VS The World.

Canadian comic book turned movie is a super hit in my eyes and the funniest, most enjoyable film I have seen in years. Scott meets Ramona Flowers (the girl of his dreams) but in order to date her he has to fight and defeat her 7 evil ex-boyfriends. Well the fights are right out of a video game and the humour is the perfect mix of silly and fun – this isn’t for everyone, but I feel it will be a cult hit.

2. Fubar 2

I loved Fubar and I liked this one just as much. Terry and Dean are back along with their buddy Tron – who has dumped his whiney girlfriend from the first movie and is now working on the pipe line in Fort McMurray. Terry and Dean need jobs so Tron offers to get them jobs, little does he know they will actually take him up on the offer.

This continues from the first film and shows the boys getting jobs and learning responsibility. It’s also hilarious and very intelligent in it’s non-intelligent humour, if that makes any sense? While en route to Fort Mc. they pick up a hitchhiker who comments that oil companies ruin the environment and pollute the water, which in turn hurts ducks – Dean replies, in what is the best line of the year – I DON’T NEED A DUCK! It doesn’t get funnier than that!

1. Tron Legacy.

See my review below.

Thanks for reading my 2 cents. Comments are welcome.


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