Monday, December 20, 2010

The Legacy Continues...

Tron Legacy.

The original Tron is one of my faves of all time. I own all the toys from it (and I own all the figures from legacy too) and I always thought it was a great fantasy adventure film. Tron Legacy is the same. It continues from part one and you are expected to remember what happened in Tron – which I like. You cant go watch Terminator 3 and say it sucks cause you don’t know what happened in Terminator 2. Same here.

You can still enjoy TL if you didn’t see Tron, but you will get very little explanation of the first film.

This is a great action adventure picture! Really exciting from the first moment in the computer world to the last! Some have said the storyline isn’t much. Well first off, there is a story and characters and character development – which is where one character starts off a certain way, then changes by the end. Is the story equal to 12 Angry Men, well not really cause its not about a big story. Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of the greatest films ever made and its just Indiana Jones searching for the Ark. Is that a bad movie because it’s an action adventure? NO. Tron Legacy delivers some neat ideas, a lot of nods to the first film, great spectacle and effects and the best soundtrack in a decade. I will be buying this movie on blu-ray in one second and will probably see it a few more times in the theatre!!!

Best movie of the year, NO QUESTION! – yes I am biased cause I love Tron, well I also love Transformers and Superman, and I hated Superman Returns and the Michael Bay movies, so there you go.

NOTE – 3D – I am not a fan of it, and this movie was more about depth perception, than things popping out at you, so that in mind, I don’t think 3D really helped – regular Imax would be perfect for this movie.

And yes, it was better than Avatar – way better.



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