Monday, December 20, 2010

Chinese Superman.

The Super Inframan.

I don’t even know where to start with this movie. It’s Shaw Brothers (famous for Kung Fu flicks in the 70s – Tarantino used their logo in Kill Bill), so there is super action and great fights and there are monsters (Power Rangers style) and Inframan fights one of these about every 10 mins. There are like 7 or so monsters in this movie and its all action!

I have the region 3 version (soon to be changed when I ordered the region one last night) and I don’t have English subtitles – disappointing – for like a minute – you don’t even need the subs! This movie is all action man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot even review this normally, it’s like it was made on Mars or something.

The sensibilities of the movie are such that anything Inframan attacks or hits explodes! I mean everything. He kicks a monster into the water and there is an explosion. Ok, the monster is just flesh, not a robot, so what part of him exploded? Inframan can shoot lasers from any part of his body and he can grow to Ultraman/Godzilla height – but only does so when needed. He fights endless skeleton guards and at one point cuts off a monsters head 6 times (it keeps growing back) before he tries a different tactic!

This movie is pure entertainment and should be ranked in the top 10 most entertaining films of all time. I am serious. It is ridiculous. I cannot believe that more weren’t made? I’d love to continue the story and make more of these!



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