Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Staying awake, for now.

Underworld Awakening.

So the story of this franchise is all about Lycans (werewolves) vs Vampires. So when they kill each other off, no one cares about the morale implications. You kind of pick a side – I always liked the Lycans, so there you have it.

It was well established that the Lycans were slaves and oppressed and they revolted and now they fight. So they are kind of the good guys. Kate Beckinsale was in love with a half vampire, half Lycan, so she kind of was against the vampires, even though she is one. So in this film, which takes place 12 years after part one, humans have entered the war and have taken out almost all of both breeds.

Question – how did the humans do this – aren’t we much weaker than Vamps and Lycans? Oh well, let’s pretend we were able to defeat them. The movie starts with Kate escaping captivity and killing a bunch of human guards and doctors. I was kind of shocked that she was just killing these guys with no remorse and that we were supposed to be pumped up for her? Vampires EAT humans. So why should I side with her against humans who are trying to protect me. If anything, I would side with the Lycans – cause they don’t need to eat humans, sure they are hunters and will attack, but vampires MUST EAT US TO LIVE!

I found that very problematic. And the fact that the film is less than 90 mins. No counting credits, it’s like 80 minutes long! You cant tell a good story in that short amount of time. Well you can if you have the Battlestar Galactica writers I guess, but not here.

The movie isn’t really bad, more like misguided. I cannot side with vampires over humans because I am human therefore I am food to them, and I cannot side with vampires over Lycans, cause to me, Lycans are cooler. Added to the fact that Michael (the guy that has been hyped for 2 movies) is not in this one. Sure the actor said he wouldn’t come back, but use someone else!

That being said, the pacing is hyper fast, the scenery is wicked and the giant lycan is bloody amazing! Good fights, that you could see, and Kate is good as usual, I just felt a bit off watching these poor guys get annihilated. But there is a minor twist (not involving the little girl who is obviously Kates kid – DUH – that is NOT a spoiler), so the twist actually helps explain why we shouldn’t feel too bad about the doctors getting killed – but still, we didn’t know about that twist while it was happening, so it’s still odd to me.

This one isn’t better than 2 or 3, but maybe a bit better than 1 – simply for the pacing.



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