Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Go Haywire.


Look at the cast of this film! The only new comer is Gina, you may remember her as Crush from American Gladiators (the Hulk Hogan one). She is a former MMA fighter (I don’t think she was in UFC though), now turned actress? Why not, the 80’s were full of them, Norris, Van Damme, Lundgren, Li – wait, that’s the cast of Expendables 2!

So basically this is a simple story, she was an agent, she got screwed. What makes this movie so amazing is the realism. This is a realistic action film. Not much blood, very simple gun fights and chases, and the fights are real, so they don’t last too long and are pretty rough. Why is this good – because we’ve never seen it done (or at least modern audiences haven’t). Now-a-days. it’s all CGI and fake stunts in today’s action films!

This movie has the feel of a 70’s movie, gritty realistic action that sometimes is down played, but that makes the movie all the better! It also has kick ass blaxploitation soundtrack, which I will be buying large, and Gina is great in the role!

I have to add that since she is a real fighter the fights are amazing. They are realistic – she takes damage and gets a bruise that stays with her! She doesn’t always succeed in her goal, like scaling the buildings, she falls, she takes hits and it’s all good stuff.

If you know anything about action films this is a MUST see for sure. You will be really amazed at how fresh the movie feels. I also like the no music during fight scenes choice. The lack of music really makes the fights hard and rough, no bullshit in this movie.

Check it out!



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