Monday, October 4, 2010

They will take you.


I really enjoyed this rollercoaster ride of a movie. I wasn’t aware that Hollywood could actually produce a good one of these – revenge/get your kid back etc film.

Ransom was just ok, Man on fire was a let down, and the Death Wish movies have already had like 4 or 5 sequels, and no one but me would remake the Exterminator series, so it was up to good old Liam Neeson to come through and he did – BIG TIME!

This was 100 times better than the Thomas Jane punisher movie in terms of getting revenge. Liam just really kicked ass and wasn’t taking any prisoners!

It took about half an hour for the girl to be taken – a lot of screen time devoted to a set up we know is coming (it’s in the title!), so I was a bit like “what the hell”, but then she is taken and from that point on, the movie is in overdrive mode. It never slows down for a second.

Great action and a lot of fun. Liam actually worked really well as a man of action!



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