Monday, October 4, 2010

A little over 3 years.

Anne of the 1000 days.

The film chronicles the life of Anne Boleyn, one of Henry the 8ths wives and how she resisted his love to the point that drove him mad, only to finally give in and then be hated.

Really well made movie with emotionally charged performances. You will get right into this movie from the moment it starts and you realize that at the half way point, the movie begins again.

It starts with Kathryn Boleyn sitting on the throne with Henry, he is eyeing Anne and Kathryn gets upset and leaves. After a lot of trying, Henry finally gets Anne to love him and when she finally returns the love, he turns his eye on Jane – thus the same scene repeats, with Anne sitting on the throne and Henry eyeing Jane, with Anne leaving the room.

I hope I am not giving away the plot here since this is based on history and I’m sure some of you on here watch the Tudors, which is based on this story, or even read Shakespeare’s play.

Anyway, this was a brilliant movie and deserving of 10 Oscar nominations.



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