Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Retired Extremely Dangerous.


So Bruce Willis is a retired CIA agent, who knows too much and has to be killed, along with Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich (Helen Miren joins up later). We are not sure why they must be killed and it doesn’t really matter, I guess it does, but even now I don’t remember why – something about the VP and some rich guy.

Whatever, the story isn’t the big point of this movie – based on a DC comic that I never read (or heard of) – it’s kind of like The Losers, its more about cool characters that do cool things. Unlike The Losers, these characters are retired, which is kind of neat and introducing all the characters was the best part of the film.

John Malkovich was the best by far, his paranoid, gun-crazy attitude was like a retired Murdoch (from A-Team), but it isn’t paranoia cause they really are after him!

This was a fun and enjoyable movie if nothing else. The story was predictable and didn’t really do anything interesting, they are good, the others are bad and that’s it. Karl Urban plays the CIA agent who is after them and you just know he will turn good in the end – this isn’t even a give-a-away, unless you have never seen an action film in your life.

The other problem is that besides Willis and Malkovich the others are just “old CIA agents” – they are not very distinct from each other. I mean any of their dialogue could have been spoken by any of them and it would still make sense. Like in A-Team if BA said “I love it when a plan comes together,” we know it wouldn’t make sense cause he is not the planner, that was Hannibal. In Red any of them could have said any of the lines cause they were not distinct enough from each other (except Willis and Malkovich).

Anyway it was a fun movie, a possible buy on dvd – if I get the urge to see it again, check it out for a few laughs.



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