Monday, June 28, 2010


Ric Flair: The Ultimate Collection.

Never has a DVD title been this deserving of it’s name. This collection showcases the career of the best wrestler in the business ever. My opinion. He is great as a face, or a heal, and he is great in the squared circle and on the mic. His interviews are energetic and he is the ultimate entertainer.

The wheelin, dealin, jet flyin, limousine ridin, profiling, kiss stealin, son of gun, Nature Boy Ric Flair, or Slick Ric. How do you like that for a name!

To tell you what is so great about this collection I have to tell you how it differs from others. The Hulk Hogan set, and Roddy Piper set are formatted like this. Disc 1 is a 2 hour documentary on the wrestler ,spanning his career, family, and professional and personal life. The other 2 discs are the great matches that the wrestler has had, and a few interviews and promos.

This set is different in the sense that I contains the entire feud. Like when Flair fought Dusty Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat, and Harley Race. For example the Dusty Rhodes segment gives you Ric Flairs take on it (current take) and then you get the match AND all the promos and interviews leading up to the match and some of the stuff that takes place after. So you get the entire (or majority) of the feud leading up to the match. Most sets just give you the match itself and maybe an interview. But this one you even get Dusty Rhodes interviews too! You feel as though you are watching it live when it aired!

What a great collection and must have for all fans of wrestling and Ric Flair (and they should be one and the same). There is another collection – The Definitive one, that is similar to the Roddy Piper set. Its worth getting to for the documentary but you will have about 5 repeat matches on it, but its still worth it for that one too.

5/5 (for both collections)


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