Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More like a B+

The A-Team.

Well another tv show turned into a movie. This one, for the most part, was done pretty good.

The A-Team show was great fun, both now and when I was a kid. You may remember last year I did a post about Howlin’Mad Murdock – played by Dwight Schultz, who was my favourite character of the show and in the top 10 fave character of all time (tv shows that is) and here he is played by the guy from District 9 (Sharlto Copley). Again for me, he is the best character. He was spot on for me, and actually they all were! Liam, Bradley and Rampage were all great and I loved their characters here.

The story was good to. It showed the origin of the team, which I REALLY LIKED! How BA met Hannibal was really awesome for me. After that they do some missions and we get the team we know. They get screwed – no shock, it’s what happened in the show, and they escape and have to prove themselves innocent.

The show had violence and shooting, but no one died, well hardly anyone died. Here of course it’s different. People die, but only the bad guys and only if they have to. It’s not Punisher or anything. Which brings me to the action. Yes, its fast cut again. Damn it. Why do they do this??? I will say the final action sequence looks pretty darn cool – I wont give it away!

My only other problem – which is not so minor – is that the A-team van is destroyed in about 10-15 mins and never returns! I think they were planning on bringing it back for part 2 – the ending of the movie is the opening credits of the show. But destroying the van is pointless. The scene was funny though, but I thought they would bring it back, but no. That could be a deal breaker for some! But the characters were great and I really enjoyed the movie!

Oh and wait till the end credits for some cameos from original A-Team members!

Really great fun – and I hope part 2 comes about – even though it probably wont, since this isn’t doing as well.



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