Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hex marks the spot.

Jonah Hex.

Ok, before I start this I would like to point out that ever since my buddy Rene got me into Hex, back in the early/mid 90’s I have never stopped collecting him.

So yes, I love Jonah Hex. And for the most part we got Jonah Hex in the movie. His attitude is perfect, Josh Brolin is the real Hex. They gave him the power to talk to dead people – which I don’t think he had (or I have never seen in over 50 issues), but he did encounter a lot of supernatural stuff in the series, so I guess it’s not far fetched to give him powers, but kinda pointless since I like that he’s just a bad ass. Whatever.

This movie was 80 mins of pure fun and action. Fast paced and I really liked Brolin. Megan Fox was in this looking better than in TF2 – the less makeup is much better for her, although she is too tanned for the old west! Whatever, her character was fine and Jonah didn’t go with her in the end, which is good cause he should always be alone.

One of the problems was that they showed how he got the scar on his face. Not a fan of that. In fact, I am dropping a star on that one. His mystique is part of what made him great, no one ever knew his origin, only that he fought for the south, and that’s about it. He never has friends, or if he does, they don’t last long etc. He never really has a love interest, or if so, she doesn’t last long either. So giving him this vengeance tale is just hollywood’s form of cookie-cutter story.

But if you don’t read Jonah Hex, you probably wont care about that stuff – in any case, it was fun, and ill be buying it.



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