Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Moon of the Wolf (1972)

A TV movie from 1972, Moon of the Wolf starts out as a police procedural then gets into the werewolf angle into its second half. When a woman is found dead in a small town around Louisiana, the sheriff questions the usual suspects and puts the clues together as to who could have done it. The girl died in a way that would suggest human involvement (she was struck in the head) and animal involvement (she was gnawed on by something that left teeth marks resembling a canine’s). She was pregnant with the coroner’s baby, which the corner tries to cover up, and her brother had a physical fight with her the night she died.
Truth be told, I found all of the stuff mentioned above more intriguing than the werewolf attacks that occur towards the end. And it seems like all of the dramatic elements I mention just disappear as soon as we learn who the werewolf is and he starts wolfing out (with black makeup around the nose and mouth and hairy appliances on his head, face and hands – not the most complex make up job). It’s a serviceable werewolf movie, but only has enough to hold interest for one viewing.



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