Monday, July 2, 2012

Samurai Movies.

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  1. I got my samurai movies confused. When you were talking about the colors and the epic scenes, I was thinking "but the movies were filmed in studios," but I realize that I was thinking Zatoichi.

    Speaking of Zatoichi, that reboot with Beat Takeshi's overhyped and mediocre at best, compared to the original Shintaro Katsu Zatoichi works.

    Also, anything that Tarantino likes, I don't like. That said, 7 Samurai was a letdown. Good build up to the final battle, then poof, train wreck of an ending. The "life is short" theme was there at the end, but it was told the director ran out of budget and had to clean up quick. Asian movies have a bad knack of having terrible cleanup jobs at the end; 7 Samurai is no exception.

    More hate for Tarantino: he's holding Zatoichi 14 hostage. He has the rights to it, but isn't publishing it. What a dick.