Saturday, June 2, 2012

Total Film's 50 most hated movies of all time - Sex and the City 2

I can't believe I am writing about a Sex and the City movie.  I look up at the top and there's the Sex and the City poster.  How low I have gone.  Pretty soon, I will be writing about every rom-com movie that has come out in the past 3 years.  Anyhow, Total Film put this on their most hated list.  I was not surprised, because I mean, a guy made this list, so he's going to have absolutely no qualms about putting this movie on the list. However, his reasons were both obvious and a little...weird.  They're below:

"Well, the fellas would have hated it regardless, but even female fans turned on a show that had lost its bite for xenophobic cheap shots and self-parody."  

So...let me start out with my take on the movie: I have no take on the movie.  I did not see the movie.  I know it's not geared to people like me and I luckily do not have a girlfriend and thus was not dragged to see this film. You see, there are benefits for being single, sometimes.  So, can't say I hate the movie, didn't see it.  However, even if I were dragged to this movie, I still would probably not have hated it just because it's a chick flick.  Listen, this movie is directed at women.  That's obvious.  The television show was geared towards women.  Once again, didn't need an advertisement for that, it was pretty clear.  For me to hate this movie, I would also have to hate every movie aimed at black folks (Tyler Perry, Spike Lee) or gay people or people who are fans of a television series I haven't watched or people who are fans of a book I haven't read.  Every movie has a demographic.  Even though I'm not a kid anymore, for instance, I don't hate kid movies.  I understand there is an audience for certain movies and I'm not that particular audience.  That's fine.  Not every film is made for me.  Talk about egocentric and self-centred.  It's a wonder this guy can leave his house every day, his head is so damned big. 

The rest of the comment weird to me.  First, he mentions that female fans turned on the show.  Is he talking about the movie?  Because there was a television show that ended before this movie.  This guy knows this right?  He's talking about the movie, not the Sex in the City show?  Oh, he doesn't?  He doesn't even know what he's talking about?  Well, after over twenty reviews of his list, I have to agree.  He doesn't. That comment makes it sound like he's talking about the last season of the television show that was on HBO. not the movie.  Holy confused.

Then he mentions that there are "xenophobic" cheap shots.  Now, I am an educated man (as I hope you've realized from reading these posts), but I do not know what xenophobia is. I had to look it up.  So, thanks again Mr. Total Film for jumping into the dictionary.  You say films are muffled and there are xenophobic comments.  Who are you trying to impress?  The Rock?  'Cause, he ain't impressed!  Neither am I! Xenophobic...okay, xenophobia is "an unreasonable Fear or hated of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange" (thanks Wikipedia).  So, to me, this is a really PC way of saying there's racism in the movie and that is not cool.  At all.  I haven't seen the film so I can't judge if this is just their interpretation of the film or if that stuff is actually in there, but if it is, then yeah, I would find that justifiable grounds for hating the film.  There's no place for that sort of stuff in the world, I don't care if it's for laughs or what. I did a little research and it appears the critics say that it is...but then, the critics see a boom mike shadow in a shot and go on endlessly about the amateurish production values, so they're not what I would call reliable witnesses.

Then there's the self-parody part and for that, I have no comment.  I have no frame of reference and I doubt the yahoo who added this to the list does either, so it's not worth my time. 

So, there you have Sex and the City 2.  Not having seen the movie, I can't say that I disliked it or not, I don't know if fans of the show did, I'm sure more disliked than liked it based on what I'm hearing, but it probably still has it's supporters who like anything to do with the original show, regardless of content.  For me, hating it just because you're male makes no sense, just because it's not targeting you doesn't mean you have to hate something, it's the racism stuff that would rate as a yes in the hate category for me. 

Worth the hatred?  If the racism comments are true, than yes, but guys hating it just because it exists is not grounds for hatred.

- Stephenstein

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